Group calls for appointment of more women in sensitive positions

An NGO, President of Prime Unique Women Initiative (PUWI) has called for the appointment of more women in sensitive positions.

The President of PUWI, Dr Folake Yobah, gave the advice on Sunday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

She said a four-day workshop was organised by PUWI in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs in Kigali, Rwanda, recently for Nigerian women, especially those in position of power, on leadership and national development.

According to her, one of the takeaways in the meeting is that women should be involved in leadership; the more women we have in leadership, the better for all of us as a nation.

“You know God has made us who we are, we don’t make ourselves. Women, usually, are more thorough, women are usually more careful and women actually love life.

“And because of that, I believe that is working very well for them in Rwanda because all those sensitive positions are occupied by women,” she said

Yobah enjoined governments at all levels to borrow a leaf from Rwandan experience as a way of stemming the tide of insecurity problem.

“We met many of their women, especially in the Senate and other sectors, including their Minister of Gender and Family Promotion, Prof. Jeannette Bayisenge.

“In fact, they have more women in governance; they are like 67 per cent to ratio of men.”

She stressed that involving more women in governance would go a long to help Nigeria as a nation.

“So many women are well-qualified, well-read, quite intelligent and wise in Nigeria. There is no reason why women should not be well-represented in governance.

“We are not saying it must be exact like Rwandan case, but there are very sensitive positions that women can occupy that very tremendous impacts will be made positively now and even in the future.

“I believe to a great extent that if more women are involved in governance, the issue of insecurity will be better tackled. I stand to be corrected.

“I believe that women will always want to have peace, so negotiation will be better done, dialogue will come to play because most times, when you see those who cause these mishaps, they are bruised in one way or the other and they want to just make a statement, they want to do something by destroying.

“It could be their own way of expressing their anger, but when we have more women in position of authorities, there will be less anger in our nation because women can actually calm down nerves.

“We care more and if love is shown, I believe there will be less insecurity challenge.

“Let’s involve more women in sensitive positions in the country, especially women who are technocrats, women who have pedigree, etc.

“These people should be fished out and then they should be involved to repair and to make this country a better place for all of us,” she said.(NAN)

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