Umuenwelum/Oroma-Etiti Crisis: Businessman Insists War, Never Solution

*As Six Feared Killed

Alphonsus Nweze
A businessman, Chief Simeon Chukwunwike Nnakwe, has stressed the need for communities to pursue the option of peace in settling land disputes, instead of resorting to war and communal clashes that would eventually inflict monumental human loss and incalculable damges.
Chief Mbakwe who hails from Oroma-Etiti in Anambra West Local Government Area of Anambra State, was reacting to a communal clash between Umunwelum and Umuayala, Oroma-Etiti, both of Anam kingdom.
The clash unfortunately claimed about six lives including two women and four men.One of the women was Chief Nnakwe’s step-mother.
In his chart with newsmen during the weekend in Asaba, Delta State, Nnakwe, who is also an economist said that people should learn how to settle issues in a round table discussion, instead of taking arms after which the matter would still be resolved at incalculable damages to both human and economy
He maintained that there is no person or persons who at various times don’t get provoked but one should have it at the back of his/her mind that using provocation as an excuse to maim, kill and destroy human lives and properties can never provide any solution.
Chief Nnakwe noted that the war between Umuenwelum Anam and a section of Oroma Etiti Anam (Umuayala) caused monumental loss of lives, in the two communities beyond imagination. “Round table discussion has often remained the best option for resolving crisis.” He said.

The businessmen pointed that although he lost his step mother in the clash, he did not use that as an excuse to escalate the war, rather as an elite and enlightened person from Anam, he has to descalate the war by not trying to retaliate but got in touch with elites of the waring communities on how to amicably settle the matter.
He said his move became imperative because no one knew who next would die if the war continued, since war is an ill-wind that blow no one any good.

Although he lamented the death of his stepmother and others who he said were the victims of the war, he nonetheless, said that peace was the only way out of the present situation.
“Well, I called the elite of both communities some weeks before the war started, and even up till now I am still calling them to prevail on our people to maintain peace. Who knows who will die next if the war continues. Of course, more damages will be incurred, no doubt about that. Worse still, we the people of are closely related, either by birth or marriage. Take for instance, my Mother is from Umuikwu Anam, my wife is from Umuikwu Anam, then, if Oroma Etiti Anam and Umuikwu Anam engage in a war, what do I do? My stepmother that was shot dead hailed from Umuenwelum Anam, then married to Umuche, Oroma -Etiti Anam, likewise so many other people,” he reasoned.
Chief Nnakwe continued, “My candid advice and opinion is that Umuenwelum and Umuayala Oroma-Etiti both in Anam should give peace a chance”.
He also suggested that Anam communities through the traditional rulers and president-generals of the communities in Anam should set up boundary committee that will demarcate the boundaries in Anam communities once and for all and ensure that all the boundary issues are properly handled and demarcated before more crisis explode like the one we have at hand now.
“Umuenwelum Anam and Nzam, the Headquarter of Anambra West have their own land crisis, Umueze Anam and Umudora Anam, even Oroma -Etiti Anam and Umudora Anam still have their own.
“There are others.Therefore, it is better we use this opportunity and settle all these issues before it gets too late. Calculating the damages, honestly, you won’t believe the amount of loses it has done to Anam people,” he said.
Chief Nnakwe however lauded those who have worked assiduously to ensure that normalcy returned to the area especially the security operatives like, the Nigerian Army, Police, Anam Central Security, Royal fathers, Umuokpokolo Anam, and many other interest groups and individuals.
“You can imagine, this war do erupt during farming season and you know it is in Anambra West that you can find people who are 90% farmers. And We are backwards compared to other local governments in Anambra State. And if this is not tackled, it will do us more harm than good. Personally, I will not relent on doing the needful,” he assured.

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