Allen Onyema of Air Peace is now at war

Who is Onyema at war with is the question making round?
However it is considered. The truth is that it came to many as a rude shock when the news of fraud allegation leveled against the CEO of one of the front line Nigerian airlines, Air Peace broke last week.
Like the saying goes, he who wears a white garment shouldn’t soil it with oil, so also goes the news of the warrant issued by the United State Justice Department calling for the arrest of Allen Onyema for money laundry and fraud in the USA.
But like every coin that has two sides, Onyema has come out to refute the accusation leveled against him by stating categorically that all allegations against him are false and baseless.
“I can confirm to you that all allegations are false and are in no way in line with my character as a person and as a business man whose only aim has been to build Nigeria and improve wellbeing.”
Onyema was indicted for fraud and money laundering and a warrant was issued for his arrest and was made public but he swiftly responded that “As the press statement clearly stated, these are indictment that only contains charges. I am innocent of all charges and the US government will find NO dirt on me because I have never conducted business with any illegalities.”
He further explained that he has maintained clean records of transactions throughout his life. “I never laundered money in my life, neither have I committed bank fraud anywhere in the world. Every Kobo I transferred to the US for aircraft purchase went through the Central Bank of Nigeria LC regime and all were used for the same purpose.”
Onyema also defended himself

by stating that the American companies that received the funds are still in business.
“I never took a penny from any US bank or Nigerian bank. I am willing to defend my innocence in the US courts.”
“Be rest assured that I also have my lawyers on this and these mere allegations will be refuted.” He assured.

While all these are going on, the question on the mind of Nigerians is whether there isn’t more to the current issue than what is being presented. Remember that just recently, Joe Igbokwe, an APC stalwart started this show of shenanigan by defaming Air Peace airline, when he suddenly claimed that he was ill treated as a customer of the airline. In response, the management of the airline has since cleared the air by stating what really happened.
Igbokwe went further to publish some photos of himself in manner that is debasing of a man of his status and captioned the airline along with it.
Some online journals even captioned him made some remarks that is ethnic derogatory. Then, the next is now this allegation that is fouling the air.

A saying goes that a bird cried last night and a child died the next morning. Is there any correlation?

In as much as Onyema has a date with history by stepping out to clear his name of this mess. The other question is, what stone has either Onyema or Air Peace to grind with the powers that be that some people are out to do him in or whose toe has he stepped that someone is after him?
Definitely, this seem like a power play but like the lyrics of Wyclef Jean, “the record is not over yet.”
Keep a date with us as we promise to bring you authentic bits of the proceedings as it unfold.

Okey Obiozo

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