Optimistic my party will make it in November 6 election – Okwuosa

A frontline aspirant in the just concluded All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial primary, Chief.. Okwuosa has given Muhammadu Buhari’s presidency a pass mark in the area of infrastructural development of South East.

Speaking in am interview with newsmen recently in Onitsha, Anambra State, Chief Okwuosa said he has been a a Commissioner and Local Government chairman in Anambra State, but has never seen the type of infrastructural development being put up by President Buhari in the geopolitical zone in the last six years in Anambra State.
Okwuosa said he felt proud when he saw the Second Niger Bridge which is almost nearing completion, a project which he said has been a recurring decimal from the Military era until Buhari took the bull by the horn.

Apart from the Second Niger Bridge, he said, there is also the Onitsha -Enugu Road Express Road which is equally almost nearing completion.

“What the president has done in the last six years are far more than what the previous administrations have done if you combine them. So I feel so happy, although we still need more to be done but if you talk comparatively, I think his efforts has surpassed the previous administrations” said Okwuosa.

He said the relationship between the President and South East is an issue that can take a whole day to analyse, depending from the angle one is coming from but ” let me tell you specifically in the areas of development I will say I am impressed”.

Okwuosa said he is optimistic that his party will make it in the November 6 gubernatorial election, saying that if he does not believe that the party has a chance, he will not be a frontline aspirant in the just concluded Governorship primary

He said : “So, I have faith in APC as a frontline party and also I have faith that the right thing has to be done in this particular dispensation so that Anambra State will go forward in the right direction. To the extent I have been committed to uplifting Anambra State to a higher level, I believe the issue of service can be manifested through different platforms. As an Anambrarian, I feel strongly committed to remedy the state at any level I find myself”
He said whatever that transpired during the primary of the party, he has regarded as the internal affairs of the party which will be discussed internally, believing that lasting solution would be found at the end of the day.
He lauded Bishop Owen Nwokolo of Diocese on the Niger for what he has achieved in the last 10 years of his episcopacy.

Okwuosa said: “He has been on the right track and he is leaving a legacy for every other person in the Diocese to emulate. I find it very encouraging. I feel highly proud and elated to be an Anglican and also to be a Christian”.

The APC chieftain said he believes that the essence of leadership at whatever level is to develop, to work for the people and live a legacy, which is what Bishop Nwokolo has been effectively doing.

He expressed happiness for what the Bishop has achieved so far in the last 10 years of his episcopacy, noting that as a young Bishop with a lot of experience on his side, having spent a decade as a Bishop,what he (Nwokolo) will achieve in the next 10 years will be tremendous.
Okwuosa assured of his continuous support to Nwokolo’s episcopacy.

” To that extent I feel very proud and believe that we have hope, and a big motivation that things will continue to move in the right direction. I will continue to support him and the church as that is the leverage for evangelism for each and every one of us” he assured.

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