Family warns on illegal acquisition of Filling Station

The family of Chief Sabastine Ibekwe, has warned those angling to illegally acquire the Filling Station of their father to desist from such plan as they will face the dire consequences of their action.
Mr. Osita Ibekwe, one of the sons of Chief Ibekwe cautioned those who are bent on acquiring their family’s filling station located at Atani Road, Ogbaru Local Government Area of Anambra State as they will face the full wrath of the law.

In the statement titled; “Stern Warning To Filling Station Grabbers” Osita Ibekwe said “this warning is that those involved in illegal means of acquiring this filling station along Atani road which belongs to our late father CHIEF SABASTINE IBEKWE will be prosecuted”
Continuing, “I Mr Osita lbekwe gives this warning to whoever it may concern, after confirming that illegal structures are being built on the filling station which is one of our family’s property.”
He said the property is a subject of an on-going court case at Awka High Court with Suit No A/385/2014, between the Plaintiffs, Osita lbekwe, Emeka lbekwe and the Defendants Bonaventure lbekwe, Stephen lbekwe, Chimezie lbekwe and Barr Meshack Nnama Umenweke.

The legal grounds, he said, exists for prosecuting anyone found interfering in the property without the consent of the whole family.

“If the people involved in this act failed to obey this warning and continue building on it, there are many enforcing actions which includes clearing whatever illegal structures developed on it.” said Osita Ibekwe.

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