We want more actions than words, Rev. Nwachukwu tells Governor Soludo

The General Overseer of Bible Base and Miracle Assembly, Onitsha, Anambra State, Rev.Jerry Nwachukwu, has advised Governor Chukwuma Soludo to take more actions and speak less.

Rev. Nwachukwu who spoke to newsmen in Onitsha also asked the Governor to implement his plan on meeting the infrastructural needs of the state one by one instead of jam-packing them and allow himself to be overwhelmed.

The cleric said on 31st December, 2021, God had shown him that Prof. Soludo’s one year in office would be turbulent but after that he would stabilize.

“And that is what we are seeing today. Security of lives and property and the economy of the state are his major priorities but there are things that cannot be done overnight,” he said.

Rev. Nwachukwu said the issue of Sit-at-home cannot be done in a hurry, stressing that anybody who wants to help address the Sit- at -home should work hard to secure first the freedom of Nnamdi Kanu.

“Let the five Governors of South East and other Igbo leaders continue to dialogue with Federal Government to free our brother. Ideology cannot be easily destroyed. And I must not agree with you. He has right to his opinion, although it may be against the state or something like that. You can’t just incarcerate him and his ideology”.

Turning to the issue of declining morality among the children now, the General Overseer challenged parents to do more, saying the criticism against the church was misplaced.

“You see, any child you see in church has a family. Parents have role to play. What played out in Chrisland school has exposed the rottenness of most families,” he said.

But Pastor Nwachukwu located the contemporary problem of immorality among children to what he called “liberal theology”, querrying, “what is a child of 10 years doing with android phone?”.

He said some parents were busy trying to display their wealth, thinking that they were being good to their children.

The General Overseer said he was not against parents taking good care of their children but said he was of the view that it must be Godly and morally sound.

He suggested that both the federal and state government should ban co-educational schools, especially bother.

Rev Nwachukwu also lamented that flogging of children are no more fashionable, yet the Bible said “spare the rod and destroy the child”.

“You see where liberal theology comes in.There is something a child will do and you flog him. Whenever he remembers the pains, he will not like to do that thing again,” he said.

The cleric charged parents “to rise up to the ocassion, apply discipline. That is the time the school or church can complement what has been done at home. But if there is nothing done at home, there is nothing the priest or teacher can do. We are training broilers these days, not old layers or native fowl and little thing broiler will die”.

He then asked government to separate male and female students in post primary schools, introduce moral and religious education in schools , churches should introduce Sunday School, reduce westernisation of our children and make them to embrace our culture, saying that indigenous culture such as language, mode of dressing, respect for elders and eating of our local food should not be discouraged because they do not amount to idol worship.

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