Ogbaru Wants Fresh Representatives in 2023 – APGA Candidate

Alphonsus Nweze

The All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) candidate for Ogbaru II State Constituency for the House of Assembly, Mr. Emmanuel Uzonwanne, has said that Ogbaru needs fresh people in the legislature from the National Assembly to the State House of Assembly.

Fielding questions from newsmen recently during a political rally in Atani, Ogbaru Local Government Area of Anambra State, Uzonwanne said those who represented the Constituency for the past eight to 12 years have done their beats and should give way for others to represent the people of Ogbaru.

He said the people of Ogbaru have been clamouring for a new set of representatives at Federal and State level, saying that they need that change.

The candidate said the fact is that those who are there have not done well because if they have been representing the people well, the people would not be clamouring for change.
“People are tired of their representation. Now we need a change,” said Uzonwanne.

He lamented that Ogbaru has one road which has been damaged but none of these people who claimed that they are offering Ogbaru effective representation had done anything to fix the road.

He said: “Our people are desirous of change. That is why I came out to bring the needed change.”

He added that the entire Ogbaru just experienced devastating flood and none of our representatives has shown interest on the plight of Ogbaru people and how to address this issue of perennial flooding of Ogbaru in future.

“We are going there to attract democracy dividend for our people. Ogbaru is neglected and the fault is from our representatives because everybody cannot be in government. And those of them who are representing our interest are there for their own interest. They don’t present our matters to people that matter. We will change this narrative if elected,” the candidate concluded.

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