Use Christmas Season To Take Stock of Your Life, Rev. Dr Nwachukwu Advises Christians

By Alphonsus Nweze

The General Overseer of Bible Base Miracle Assembly, Rev. Dr. Jerry Nwachukwu, has urged Christians to use the occasion of Christmas festivity to take stock of their relationship with God.

Dr. Nwachukwu in his Christmas message said the season is not just an ocassion to drink, womanise, engage in lesbianism, homosexualism, stealing, kidnapping, hard drug and all other sorts of societal vices.

“What actually do you want to celebrate? Christmas is not just a time for sober reflection. It is a time to take stock of your life. How did you relate with Him from January to December? As a Christian, how many souls did you win? Don’t say you are not a Pastor, Priest or Reverend Father.”

He said there are so many ways a Christian can win souls without sponsoring crusades.
“The way you live your life. Character is everything. If you have character, you can attract people. If you have negative character, you will scare people away.”

He said that even as the world is celebrating Christmas, there are some people whose intentions are to cause confusion in their families and communities.

“Are you preparing to go to the village to fight for a land that does not belong to you or to take a land that belong to a widow because you got money and bought a car of N5m or N10m or even a car of N100m. That alone makes you to run mad.”

The man of God told Christians to choose somebody this season to help.
“Choose somebody you can make happy. Choose somebody to assist or support. Go to your family, ask for those ones who are intelligent and their parents can’t afford their school fees and help them. You have the money. Choose one of them and start paying their school fees for them.”

He said that it’s necessary because human capital development is the best investment. Saying that anybody one helped to acquire knowledge and establish himself or herself would never forget it.

He advised that people should not rush this season, so that they would not rush into destruction, “live your life this season the way you can see next Christmas. To me, what gives me joy during Christmas is to give out the little I have, to share the little to the less privileged.”

He also admonished Christians to do away with those people who say that they don’t have enough to give out to others.

Rev. Nwachukwu said that one can give out from the little God has blessed one with such as clothes, shoes, and other items. He charged them to be a blessing to somebody and be the reason somebody should be happy this season.
He said further: “And don’t use this season to provoke God to anger by living ungodly life.”

Rev Nwachukwu attributed the increasing wickedness in the society today to inordinate quest for wealth without principle and due process.

He said: “Everybody wants to be rich, wealthy, wants to be in the best house, to drive the best car, wear the best clothes, spend money in occasions, organise parties without paying the price for it.

“So, it is madness of becoming rich overnight without following the principle that is causing wickedness , killings, kidnapping, armed robbery and banditry.

God has principle and if you follow it, you will become somebody in this life.”

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