Arbaeen symbolic trek: IMN accused Buhari of ordering Guards Brigade to attack its members in 2018

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), on Monday, accused President Muhammadu Buhari of ordering the Guards Brigade to attack its members who were observing the Arbaeen symbolic trek in 2018.

Sheikh Sidi Munir Sokoto, one of the executive members of IMN, made the allegation in a statement he released after the commemoration of the fortieth day (Arbaeen) of Imam Husain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA)’s death in Abuja.

“Today, not only in Nigeria but in Karbala, this Arbaeen commemoration has become the largest human gathering on earth with over 25 million people in attendance from various parts of the globe.

“Our trek on foot is just another way of saying had it been there is a safe passage to Karbala from here, we would have marched to Karbala to pay homage to Imam Husain (AS) on this auspicious day.

“On the 29th day of October, 2018, Arbaeen trek was attacked by soldiers under the regime, when it sent a team of Soldiers (brigade of guard) and gunned down 41 innocent people on the trek at Karu Bridge unjustifiably.

“General Buhari is responsible for that crime against humanity as Brigade of Guard are only answerable to the president.

“Today, the general public have witnessed how the Arbaeen trek, like those before, ended without any attempt to curb the right of safe passage to other road users.
“No panic was created by our Arbaeen trek. Love for Imam Husain (AS) is not the exclusive right of Muslims only.
“Because of the gruesome attack on the Imam at Karbala, the fortieth day after is commemorated by and for all those who love justice and fight against oppression in all ages, including ourselves.
“That is why we always welcome our brothers and sisters whom; of their own free will, trekked with us today.
“This is not the first time they have identified themselves with Imam Husain, they have done it before and we thankfully welcome them.
“This is the handwork of Allah, and not the trick or influence of anybody as no one forced us to trek, it is out of free will and love for the family of the Prophet (S),” he said.
Sokoto said that the event is marked annually after the martyrdom of Imam Husain.
“Though we started with few people and confined ourselves to a particular place and recited some supplication, we thank Allah now we trek in millions, an indication that people are gradually beginning to realise the lofty position of Imam Husain (AS) in Islam.
“The purpose of the symbolic trek is to recall and experience the trial and tribulation faced by the Household of the Holy Prophet (AS), chained and dragged in scorching desert, barefoot from Karbala in Iraq to Damascus in Syria after the killing of Imam Husain 61 years after Hijra.
“It was a period of anger and anguish at the perpetrators of injustice not just in the plain of Karbala but the world over.
“The Arab’een trek has historical antecedent and religious precedence in Islam,” he said.

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