Over 2000 decamp to APGA in Ogbaru – Pledges Support for Awogu

Alphonsus Nweze

Over 2000 deecampees from other political parties have declared for All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA in Ogbaru Local Government Area of Anambra State.

The deecampees who are from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), All Progressives Congress (APC) and Labour Party declared their desire to join APGA yesterday at Atani, the residence of Sir Arinze Awogu, the party’s House of Representatives’ candidate for Ogbaru Federal Constituency.

Speaking on behalf of the deecampees, Chief Anthony Okolo, said they decided to join APGA because of the quality and credibility of Awogu who he said has demonstrated over time that he is a politician who fears God.

He said that apart from the fact that Awogu is humble and accessible, he has equally demonstrated that he is not a greedy politician.

Okolo said that Anambra State is today an oil producing State because of Comrade Arinze who staked his life and refused to be compromised by oil companies that drill oil in Ogbaru.

He said: “This is a man who refused to be a billionaire in order to save his people. Such a man can adequately represent Ogbaru in House of Representatives in Abuja. That is why we have joined APGA to work with other like minds to seamlessly deliver Awogu.”

Awogu in his speech commended the deecampees for the huge confidence they have in him and APGA as a party, promising that they would not regret joining the party to support him.

Turning to members of the party, Sir Awogu said his message for them is clear and that is to deliver their polling booths and wards during the February 2023 election.

He said: Are you prepared for the battle? There is no place for second position in this battle and if we must take first position, there must be something we must do. We must increase our commitment and work rates.”
Awogu told them to ask themselves relevant questions, whether they won in their polling units and wards in November 16, 2021 Governorship election in the State.

“Open your eyes in your polling units. If you did well in the last election, do better in the February 25, 2023 general election. You must win your polling units and wards . We will soon start visiting. We must deliver all our candidates, from Senate to House of Representatives and House of Assembly,” said Awogu.

In his speech earlier, Chief Nobert Obi, the chairman of APGA in the State, expressed his happiness for the presence of wards Chairmen and Secretaries.
He urged them not to allow the light handed over to them to dim in their hands, stressing that they were optimistic that they would deliver Awogu and others in the coming election.
He told them that there is work to be done and therefore they cannot go to sleep.
“There is a big work. Be strong in the support of our candidates, Awogu and others. Vote for them because if they win, you will enjoy,” said Chief Obi.
He said that for the importance he attached to the candidature of Awogu and the success of all APGA candidate in Ogbaru, he had to keep the appointment inspite of the fact that he was indisposed.

The Commissioner for Information, Chief Nwosu, said that this time around they would not make the mistake they made last time, stressing that they are going into the election with stronger strategies.

He told them that the slogan this time is to vote APGA all the way, from Senate, House of Representatives and House of Assembly.

Support us to win in the coming election. You will not regret it. We are not greedy like others,” Nwosu informed.
Others speakers at the ocassion who called for support of Awogu and others include the deputy chairman of APGA, Anambra North and Director- General, Osodieme Campaign Organisation, Chairman of APGA in Ogbaru Local Government Area, Nnamdi Ifejirika among others.

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